Self Confidence & The Internet

Its easy to portray self confidence in photographs isn't it?
I mean, all it takes is a smile and a pout for the world to clock onto you and be like 'yep, that girl is confident af'. 

I am 100% guilty of wishing that I looked like other people.
Victoria's Secret Angels, hot girls on instagram, other bloggers, girls I see that come into work, there are so many people that I would click my fingers and swap my face with.

The internet is tough. We are exposed to a world that is filled with what we claim is 'perfection', when in reality, everybody suffers with insecurities and self consciousness - I mean, even Kanye is giving us a hint of insecurity in his twitter rants, and there's nothing more powerful to back up what I am saying than that.

The truth is, the internet is full of lies. Yes, there are some gorgeous, gorgeous, amazing women that we see and moan and groan when we look at ourselves and there is a 0.1% similarity rate, but they could equally be looking at you in exactly the same way. You could look at the photo on the right of me pouting and be like 'cor, mate, I'd love her confidence', but I look at that and see 25 other photos that didn't make the cut, and that one being the best one although still not what I'd like it to be. You could scroll through somebody's instagram that is full of selfies, assume that they love themselves and that they know they're gorgeous, but behind the scenes, they could be using selfies as an output and a way to bring in compliments because they feel super insecure.

I know it's a huge thing at the moment, but we all really need to learn to stop comparing ourselves to faces and bodies that we see on the internet and kicking ourselves for not looking the same. It is not, and never will be possible. We are our own bodies, our own faces, our own whole beings.

Yes, you can work out and get a super fit body - but will it look like his/hers? No, because you have an entirely different body shape. You can contour your face to high heavens - but will it give you her bone structure? Nope, she was born with that. 

You are your own being, Embrace yourself. Embrace your body, your face, your differences. Work on your own being. Work on how you can make the best out of yourself without striving to make yourself look like somebody else.

We all have insecurities, good lord, my list could roll over to Tokyo and back, but we all have our own unique selves to work with and make the best of. Because that's all you can do. Be the best you.

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