Feel-Good New Start Goals

We're in our FOURTH month of 2016 already. We are a third of the way through the year. I mean, guys, what is going on here?

I'm going to be honest, 2016 has started off shocking. Personally and just generally.

For one, this year has taken away some of the most amazing people from our world who we can now proudly say shine up within our stars. Secondly, the world is going crazy - bombings to shootings to god knows what else, it is heartbreaking, and most importantly, it is unnecessary and scary. Thirdly, the finale of PLL was pretty shocking in terms of finales, wasn't it? (always was the one to put an inappropriate joke within serious matters, sorry guys).

Personally, I am yet to break out of a mould that I have sadly put myself in. It really does make me sad how much I have taken a step back from the world, hiding away from it and fighting myself within myself. But that will change, I'm sure of it.
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I love April. Not so much just because it's my birthday month, (16th, guys, whack that one in the calendar and send me bunny things), but because it finally starts to feel as if something new is beginning.

New year's are always great, and we all know how much I love a good new years resolution and fresh start, but Januarys are still pretty miserable.
We begin a year in the most dull and crappy season, expecting ourselves to be all new and rejuvenated, when to be honest, with constant darkness, crap weather, and the after-holidays slump, it's actually probably the worst time that we could do it. There's not much about winter that is motivating after all, is there?

So, here pops Spring! The sun begins to shine, the trees begin to blossom, the flowers begin to bloom - it actually feels like a fresh start.
You guy know what I mean, right?

To celebrate the feel-good new year, I'm going to set myself three new goals to work upon. Hashtag FGNSG (feel good new start goals) (catchy, huh?)

  1. I'm going to start saying yes to more things. I've realised I've started saying no to a lot because I start to feel anxious or I make up excuses in my head (that may or may not be valid), but I need to start gaining more confidence in the offers that are given to me. 
  2. I'm going to be braver with asking people to hang out. I literally get so scared to ask people to do things with me because I have developed this huge fear or rejection as I'm convinced that people wouldn't actually want to hang out :(
  3. I'm going to get into a better sleeping routine. Just lately, my sleeping pattern has gone down the shitter, and I seriously need it to improve. I find my emotional stability really suffers when I haven't slept well, and it's definitely not something that I need on top of many other things! So, I'm actually going to work on that, because I am able to - and anything that I am able to work upon is a baby step towards the bigger picture :)

And there we have it!

Do you agree with me on thinking that April/spring also feels like a new start? Or is it me just being a little bit hopeful?
If you've decided to set yourself some mini spring goals like myself, feel free to pop them in the comments below, or even pop them on twitter with the hashtag #FGNSG, because, y'know, it's catchy ;)

I hope you all have a lovely, lovely day & the world goes your way.

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