Kylie Lip Kits - Are They Worth It?

The latest debate in the blogging world is the Kylie Lip Kits and whether or not they are worth 'it'.
I have been a supporter/fan of the Kardashian-Jenner clan for as long as I can remember. When I knew that Kylie was bring out lip kits, it didn't even take a second thought to know that I was going to buy one. I thought I would clarify that first of all to do a little disclaimer that I didn't just jump onto the bandwagon because of the hype. I also want to disclaim that I will be 100% honest and unbiased within this post - I'm a girl that likes saving money too!

I was initially just going to do a little review on what I think of the lip kits, but you can find them anywhere now, so I'd really just like to do a little 'are they worth it?' post, and try and answer as many questions (that I would have personally liked the answers to) as possible.

Price Comparisons

Kylie lip kits are priced at $29 on, which, if you live in the UK like myself, totals up to about £20.50. Of course, the postage on top is $15, which brings your lip kit to a total of approximately £32. The $15 is a flat rate, however, so the more kits you buy the less your postage will become per kit... but that's going off on a bit of a tangent, I'll just stick to one for the point of this, haha.

The kits contain a liquid lipstick and a lip liner to match. So, you are paying for two products, not just the one - and yes, also the packaging on top (but that is the case for most major brands nowadays). So, I thought I would do a little price comparison on other brands that I have seen the kits be compared to (if bought online).
  • MAC:: Liquid Lipstick £21 + Lip Liner £12.50 + Standard postage free = £32.50
  • NYX:: Liquid Lingerie Lipstick £6.50 + Lip Liner £5.50 + Standard Boots postage £3.50 = £15.50
  • Tarte:: Liquid Lipstick £14 + Lip Liner £13 + Standard Postage £12.72  = £39.72
I wanted to add Colorpop (£4.50), Kat Von D (£16), Anastasia Beverly Hills (£16) and Stila (£16) within this comparison too, but none of these companies sell a lip liner too - therefore it's not worth comparing the price as you get both a liner and lipstick within the lip kit. However, it's hugely worth noting that all of these brands include dupes to the liquid lipsticks at affordable prices - however, delivery to the UK is a little harder.

It's also worth noting the amount in each of these products and whether or not they are cruelty-free:

Kylie:: 0.11oz                                           *vegan (excluding Candy K)
Anastasia Beverly Hills:: 0.11oz       *cruelty-free
NYX:: 0.13oz                                            *cruelty-free
MAC:: 0.17oz                                           **test on animals
Tarte:: 0.20oz                                          *vegan
Kat Von D:: 0.22oz                                *vegan

I think it's important to know that Kylie Cosmetics are vegan - so they are going to appeal to a much wider audience than other brands, as, well, they include everybody! 

So, now it's completely down to you!

Still Unsure?

Yes, buying a Kylie lipkit is basically buying a brand name - but so is buying a luxury handbag, or a designer item of clothing. I think that argument can only go so far - because if no make-up had any branding on it, we'd be heading to the cheapest, because how would we know what to trust? No matter what you buy, you buy it because of the brand - I know I do. You buy Urban Decay because it's a name you trust. You buy H&M clothes because you know they're cheap for great quality. You buy YSL fragrances because of the beautiful packaging. You will always buy because of the brand. It's a first-world thing.

Yes, there are some great dupes out there. It is definitely worth noting. I have bought a few matte lipsticks that were of a cheaper price and they do a great job. If you want a product that just provides you with the colour you are after, any brand will do, there are tonnes out there. However, if it is a Kylie Lip Kit that you are wanting - don't go and spend tonnes of money on dupes when that money could be spent on what you want. For example, I really wanted the Zoeva foundation brush, but refuse to part with the money. I bought so many foundation brushes that didn't work for me or were genuinely poor quality, and in the end I ended up buying the Zoeva brush anyway. I wish I bought it right from the beginning, because the money that I spent on others would have definitely have added up.

Don't just buy them because you feel left out of the hype. It's so easy to give into the hype of a product when so many bloggers and otherwise are constantly on about it. But there's a clear price to pay just to be 'in the hype'. If you don't think you'll suit the colours she has released, if you don't think that you'd wear them often enough to be worth it, if you don't really care at all about them - please don't waste your money for the sake of not missing out.

Do I personally think that they are worth it?

There are definitely pros and cons to the lip kits:


The shipping cost is the one thing that took me aback. I do think $15 is a huge amount for postage, but when taking into consideration that they are sending from America and the packaging is included within the price - it's more understandable. I do however, think the parcel needs to be far more discreet. The box you have seen everybody open is the box that it comes in - the first red flag for potential sneaky thefts, and more importantly, the shades that are contained in the box are written on the parcel sticker! I get that they want to make packaging up as quick and easy as possible with the huge dispatch numbers, but I don't agree with having such high-demand products in practically full view. 


The lip liner is super creamy and glides on so lovely, and the liquid lipstick itself is incredible. The brush is a perfect size for precise application and the application process itself is so smooth. It dries quickly and a sweep over the lips gives a strong, bold matte finish. I personally pop on a second coat to really make it, like, pow!
The number one thing that blew my mind was the staying power. These bad boys do not budge. The first time that I wore one, I went to work in bad weather, I drank tea, ate fruit, licked my lips a few times (habit), and the lipstick showed minimal signs of wear. Even washing it off was effort, it took some proper rubbing for it to budge!


Right now, no because I don't think my bank account can take much more. But in the future - yes.
The money is definitely the off-putting factor when it comes to this lipstick. But worth £20? Yes. Definitely.
I wouldn't buy just the one, ever. I have bought three lip kits and the three lip glosses in two separate transactions, because in my head it becomes about £3/4 each for postage and it makes me feel a hell of a lot better about the situation :')
I didn't have any problems with buying them, the website or the postage - but I know alot of people have done, and it's something to be aware of. But on the whole, there have been no problems - it's just the classic case of the negative experiences become the ones highlighted bold in your mind.

Don't Feel Pressured

Please, don't spend all of your money on lip kits if you cannot afford them. I genuinely cannot express this enough. I have seen young girls buying them and it makes me sad that they probably saved so much and blew it on a lipstick.
I treated myself to these kits partly for my birthday and partly just for a payday treat - I knew that I would have enough money left over to survive on and I allow myself a stupid spend every once in a while - living life on the edge and all that.
As much as I think that the lip kits are worth the money, I haven't tried all of the dupes and other options that are out there - but I knew for a fact that I wanted a Kylie lip kit and so I didn't go on a hunt for any dupes, because I would just be buying them for a distraction. Which reiterates what I mentioned earlier - that if you just want them for the colours, there are so many similar ones out there! Buy them because you want the Kylie kit, and solely for that reason.
It's also hugely important to remember that you might not actually get along with the product! I've seen bloggers who didn't really like the lipsticks at all and regretted buying them - which emphasises my point of make. sure. you. want. them. Don't fall into the hype. For example, if I bought them and didn't get on with them I'd be a bit like 'ugh, well at least I gave them a go', whereas I know some people would be fuming. But just because one person doesn't get on with them, it doesn't mean that they are bad products. One product can't suit everybody.

So, after all of that rambling (I hope that I didn't waffle on too much - I'm sorry!), I really do hope that it helped at least one person to decide on what they want to do about it, as I see pretty much every day somebody in a bit of a pickle about it! And if I did help somebody, then I did what I came to do!

Thanks for reading, my lovely readers!

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