My Top 3 Moisture Masks

It's a well known little fact over here on elelibee that I have the driest skin ever. Having dry skin is an ultimate nightmare, especially when it comes to make-up. A lizard with lipstick on isn't quite the most attractive of sights.

I used to just rely on heavy moisturisers (a favourite being this one from Moogoo), and completely overlooked 'treatment products'.

I have been using the Oils Of Life facial oil for seven months now, and it has worked absolute wonders for my skin, but despite how amazing this product is, with skin like mine, it still isn't enough.

When I was out shopping with Rhi one day, I mentioned that I wanted a face mask that I could pop on when I'm in the bath, and knowing my dry skin problems, she encouraged me to try this gem from Super Facialist:
After popping this on in the bath, I immediately felt a huge difference in the hydration of my skin.
Following this revelation, I jumped straight onto the moisture mask train, and wondered why the hell I'd never thought of masks before?! 

Following this product, I tried a few masks that either didn't really do anything for my skin, made my skin worse or were just generally crap. 

Along with the Super Facialist mask, I also currently use two more. Not at the same time, obviously. Although they all work quite well so I could potentially make a SUPER HYDRATION WHAM BAM BOMB MASK. Or not. That's cool too.
I actually got this balance me mask as a freebie from Glamour magazine! But I never got round to using it, as, well, I completely forgot it existed in my life.
This mask is so much different to the Super Facialist one as it has exfoliating properties in it too. It's a triple-action face mask aiming to cleanse, exfoliate and brighten. The big thing for me with this product was the fact that it is 98% natural - whenever I see something this natural, I automatically praise it - you go naturalism, you go girl.
Last but not least, this absolute dreamboat of a mask - Kiehl's Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask.
So, this is 100% my absolute favourite mask of the moment. When I opened it up I was quite shocked at the texture of this mask - I just assumed that it would be a cream, but it is actually a thick gel. The best thing about this is, and something that I really love, is that you don't just move it around your skin when you are smoothing it on, like you would with a cream, you can actually feel it form a layer onto your skin, and with it, it feels tighter and as if it is doing something. 
Fun fact: The skin does the most replenshing and repairing from 11pm-2am, and continues up to 4am. So, obviously, anything that goes on your skin and nighttime is going to be doing wonders (if it's the correct product of course).

I use the Super Facialist twice a week - usually the nights that I wash my hair.
I use the balance me once a week - usually on a Sunday night - not sure why, I just like to prep my skin for the week by buffing away dead skin cells.
And finally, I use the Queen Kiehls mask once a week. Usually mid-week when I feel as if my skin has started slipping into the dry pit of doom, and it really does make a difference. I can't help but stroke my face when I wake up in the morning (totally normal, okay?)

So, there we have it! My top three moisture masks.

I really do recommend giving a mask a go if you do suffer from dry skin like myself, it has made so much difference to my troublesome patches, thank the moisture mask lords!

Do you suffer with dry skin? If so, give me your top tips!

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