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Hi guys!
So, I'm going to do something now that is shocking me as much as it will shock you. I'm writing another travel post!
It's been a long time coming, I totally fell off the travel wagon, but here I am, back on it, yeeee-haw!ing away.

We left off at Krak√≥w, where I got majorly sunburnt, visited Auschwitz, had the best ice cream of my entire life *quietly weeps thinking about it*, and went on our first night train which was an experience and a half. being in a bunk with a father and daughter below us and two (very moan-y) girls above us, it made for an interesting night. 
But here we are! Budapest!

We arrived at Budapest much earlier than we were supposed to check-in.
Picture this: Two massively exhausted girls come into a reception, the man says they can't check in for another FOUR hours. Girls sit down on nearest seats and sit in silence, not knowing anything about the city that they are in, what there is to do, and suffering with bad backs after walking miles around the same block trying to find the hostel which was hidden in the most awkward place.
You feel sorry for us, huh?
Thankfully, so did they.
Cue a speedy check-in and a room upgrade and THE COMFIEST BED IN THE WORLD. And two very relieved and happy girls.

We didn't do much on that first day apart from take a wander around Budapest town - we were so tired.
After a quick trip to Starbucks, McCafe, Tiger and some other random shops (including one that sold chicken nugget sandwiches, omg), we called the day short and chose to head back to our comfy bed and snooze away the terrible nights sleep we had the night before.

The next day we chose to go on a free guided tour of Budapest, as we genuinely had no real idea of the place or where to go. so instead of trying to navigate ourselves with an 100% chance of getting lost, we thought we'd leave the hard work to somebody else.

The weather was incredible (y hot). Poor little burnt me though, had to keep covered up after getting burnt a couple of days before, which made the whole walking-about experience sweltering.
Because of the heat, concentrations were low and so I can't give you the full low-down of what everything is nor what it means.

What I can tell you is that the people of Budapest were some of the loveliest people that I have ever had the pleasure of talking to - our tour guide especially. She was amazing! Everybody was so welcoming and helpful :)

Also, can we please talk about the FOOD?! I don't think I saw one piece of fruit or veg in my whole time being there, but I did see a chicken nugget baguette, and that trumps all, right?
My favourites were Jack's Burgers and Gelarto Rosa, which are both down the same road next to St Stephen's Basilica, so easy peasy to get to. the burger (although it doesn't look like much) was teh best burger that I have ever had - I 'm not a burger fan at all, but that was something else. Alice stuck with pizza which came to approximately 50p a slice, an look at the size of those slices! Just looking at the images has got me itching to go back, just to munch on those goodies again.
The rose ice cream aswell, I mean, have you ever seen such a beautiful ice cream? Watching them create them was incredible - I want to learn! I chose Oreo and mint choc chip :) You could choose up to 4 flavours, and despite them looking incredible, they were huge.

Hey, fun fact, did you know Budapest is actually two separate places? Buda and Pest? Pest is the flat part containing the parliament building, Buda is the hill-y part that allows you to trek up for views like this:

Budapest is known for its baths - but unfortunately we didn't manage to visit them (or afford them on our tight budget), but we did get to visit a ruin bar. Ruin bars came into existence when Hungary had little money, yet still wanted to create places where people could relax and have fun. So, people collected scraps and spares of furniture and bits and bobs to create a fun space.
We visited Simpla bar, as it was the closest to our hostel, and there was no doubt in how cool it was.

Is that not the coolest thing you've ever seen?!

The next day we headed to the Tropicarium, but we'll save that for another post...

I loved Budapest. The vibe, the people, the food - it was all perfect.

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