Sweeter Dreams with Leesa Mattress

For the longest time I had uncomfortable and restless nights' sleep.

I remember having a metal frame bed and the most uncomfortable mattress in all the land. You could feel the springs through the material - it was horrendous. I used to have to carefully position my ribs between them to make myself comfortable and to not have anything digging into my body.

Alongside being a boney little rascal, I also suffer with a bad lower back, leg pain at night, and more times than often I wake up with a bad neck/shoulder from awkward sleeping positions.

When I moved to uni, I treated myself to a memory foam mattress topper - a.k.a. the closest to heaven that I have ever felt (at the time, anyway). Nothing digged into my body, stuck into my ribs, or required any careful positioning of bones. It was then I realised that memory foam was the only thing that I was ever going to sleep on again.

Moving back from uni, an awful lot happened in my personal life which required me to move house. I have many little 'rewards' that I have planned for myself for upcoming years - just silly little things like buying a Calvin Klein underwear set when I get a boob job and buying an Anastasia BH eye palette when I master the cut crease. Little (expensive) things.
The one thing I vowed to treat myself to when I moved house was a memory foam mattress and a new bed.

When you become a blogger, you don't think of what may ever be sent your way - at least I didn't anyway - and so when I came into contact with Leesa and I was offered a memory foam mattress to review, BOY OH BOY! Man alive, how lucky can a girl be?!

After a super simple ordering and delivering process (just what I like - absolutely no faffing around), the mattress arrived.
Honestly, my first impression was 'bloody hell, this is bloody heavy' - seriously, you do not expect a mattress in a box to require two men to lift. My second thought was 'hang on, how the hell is a mattress in this size box?'. My Stepdad was convinced that it wasn't a full size mattress. In a box measuring 110 x 35 x 35cm, I can't really blame him.
*Rabbit for scale. (hahaha)

After unwrapping it all (a mission in itself) and laying it down to rise to it's optimal size, I was amazed. A real-life full-sized mattress in that little box!

After leaving it a few hours (and letting the "new" smell air out - phwoar!), I popped it up on my bed and jumped straight on to check out the comfort.

The mattress is alot firmer than I imagined it would be - but that is not a problem at all. In fact, it seems to work perfectly for my body. I was aching after a long day of moving house, dreading the back pain that I would have to endure the next day, but I woke up feeling comfortable and in very little pain. I'm not sure if it was 100% to do with the mattress, but I can't think at all any other reason that it may have been!

I have been sleeping on the mattress for a month now, and I can't imagine sleeping on anything else. My leg pain hasn't woken me up once since having it, and I've been sleeping so much better in general. One of the pro's of Leesa mattresses are that you have a 100 night risk-free trial of it, and if you're not happy, you can have it collected and donated to a charity (and a full refund of course) - although, I can't see why you would want to  to get rid at all!

Charity has always been something that I look for in companies - whether they have products in cooperation with a charity, or donate a fraction of their profits. I think it's so important to give back where you can.
For every mattress sold by Leesa, a tree is planted. For every ten mattresses sold, a brand new mattress is donated to an organisation that helps the homeless, and at-risk men.women and children - so far donating over 5,000. So, as well as providing yourself a better, and more comfortable, nights sleep, you're also helping others and the environment if you choose to purchase one. (You can read more about Leesa giving back by clicking here.)

And if you do plan to purchase one (would recommend), make sure to follow this link --> www.leesa.co.uk/elelibee <-- to bag yourselves £50 off!

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*This post contains gifted items, but all opinions are 100% my own and completely honest. 

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