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On our final full day in Budapest, we chose to visit the Tropicarium (or the aquarium if we wanna stick to basics up in here).

We chose to walk there. Because we are tits. Cue getting completely lost, ending up in a horrendous part of Budapest, having to buy data to use Google maps that still didn't help very much, ending up next to many strange buildings and finally finding the tropi-aquarium - in an indoor shopping centre. A's exciting 'biggest aquarium in Europe' turned out to be the 'biggest indoor aquarium in Europe', which still wasn't impressively big. But hey ho. It was an experience all-in-all, and a story to tell.

A highlight of the Tropicarium was the 'rain forest'. Alongside the crocodiles, and with birds flying overhead, the room goes darker, the bridge starts rumbling and rain starts pouring from the ceiling in a rain forest simulation.

Honestly, we were both expecting a lot more - mostly because we were expecting this absolutely massive aquarium, and got, well, not that.

It was a strange one. From land animals such as guinea pigs to beautiful rainbow fish, you can't fault the diversity in what essentially should just be marine life. I even got to stroke my first stingray - pretty cool! Aquatic animals never feel the way you expect them to do they?

Would I recommend visiting the Tropicarium? Meeeeeeerrrrrrhhhh (I even just vocalised that noise).
For a flying trip to Budapest? No. Got a huge chunk of time spare? Go for it. After all, who can resist a rumble-y bridge, right?

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