Two Thousand and Seventeen

In 2017;

I will work on my confidence, my wit, my value. I shall flirt and touch and not be afraid, I'll sing a song, tell a joke, read a poem out loud; I shall make somebody feel special and I shan't be afraid to express my feelings.

I shall read book upon book, immersing myself in my own imagination and becoming lost within the lines of a world that is so far from my own. I shall not feel guilty for watching an entire series of a Netflix show within a day or two, because it’s what I enjoy in the moment that counts.

I shall take my camera everywhere I go, to remind myself that phone photos are great, but the feeling of taking a great photo on my camera is analogous, if not better, to that on my iPhone. I shall spark the creative side of my mind back up and rediscover the enjoyment that I once felt when sat surrounded by scrap paper and equipped with a stick of glue. I shall learn a new skill.

I will take chances and push limits. I shan’t feel as if I am a nuisance nor a burden, I shall take charge of what I want and, need it be, be frightened later. I will find my courage once again and I shall find my way – whether it requires knocking down obstacles or embracing what is already on my path.

I will begin to shape myself into the person that I want to be without punishing myself along the way. I shall find my strength and bravery, and discover my worth. I shall make 2017 one that I can look back on as the year that I found happiness.

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