Jamie's Italian, Leeds: Super Lunch Menu

A couple of weeks ago, I took a trip to Leeds to see one of my favourite girls, Rhianna, for a much-needed catch-up. We seem to have an ongoing tradition of heading to TGI's for cocktails and food when we reunite, but this time, we headed to Jamie's Italian, with Joe, where we tried out their new Super Lunch Menu.

Having used to have lived in Manchester, I always saw Jamie's Italian as a luxury - based in a higher priced end of town, and being a girl on a budget, it was easy to just walk by without batting an eyelid with temptation - after all, with other cheaper Italian restaurants on the market, was I really missing out by just parting with less cash?
If you stopped reading there - you'd have just thought that I'm going to lead on to tell you that it's all worth the money and you should spend a fortune - wrong.  Here comes the best bit. The Super Lunch Menu costs £11.95 for two courses and £13.95 for three courses. Pop a drink on top, and you've got yourself a full tummy in a beautiful restaurant for around fifteen whole English pounds. 

The Super Lunch Menu is, as you'd expect, pretty basic in terms of foods. Pasta, burgers, steak and salads make up the mains, and when it comes to dessert, there's the one option that stands out above all (but we shall get to that later).

For starters, I chose the Tomato Bruschetta, Rhi chose the Silky Paté Bruschetta, and Joe had the Fritto Misto (which makes me shudder just thinking about it - major octopus/squid phobia!).

For mains, I had Wild Mushroom Casarcce, Rhi had the Gennaro's Chicken Club with funky chips (chips cooked in garlic and parsley - oh. my. god. I couldn't stop thinking about them afterwards!), and Joe opted for the Italian Steak and Fries.

Now, when it came to dessert, as mentioned above, there was only one option in my eyes. The Epic Brownie.

A warm gooey brownie, topped with chocolate sauce, salted caramel ice cream and caramelised popcorn. I don't have many regrets in life, but having filled myself up too much beforehand that I couldn't manage to finish this brownie, that is one of them.

It was the first time that all three of us had been to Jamie's Italian, and I can confidently say that it won't be the last. For £13.95 for three courses, you cannot go wrong with the gorgeous quality of food that is served - and the polite and attentive staff are priceless. Just make sure you get those funky chips - trust me.

*The Super Lunch Menu is available at all Jamie's Italian Restaurants Mon-Fri 2-6pm

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*Jamie's Italian kindly invited me along to review their new menu, but all opinions are my own.
**Images, however, are not all my own. Thank you Rhi for providing me with some mages to support this post 

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