The Giant Lanterns of China at Edinburgh Zoo

For a number of years, I have always admired photographs of the lanterns at Edinburgh Zoo, and each year I always claim that I will attend the festival the "next year". Finally, I got my arse into gear and impulsively booked a weekend away whilst train prices were low and my 16-25 railcard was still valid (sob), and I am so happy that I did so.

The route was approximately one mile long, and featured the above dragon that was 19 foot high and 115 foot long!! It was definitely up there with one of the most impressive - although saying that, it was extremely difficult to rank them at all, as they were all so beautiful.

To say that the lanterns were beautiful, was an understatement. Each one of the 34 bespoke designs (and over 450 lanterns in total) were hand crafted by Chinese artists using traditional techniques with steel and silk.

But as well as silk, there were Qilin lanterns (mythical Chinese creatures) made from thousands of individual glass bottles.

Towards the end of the route, there is a stage where immensely talented Chinese artists, such as The Facechanger and acrobats, perform, and definitely not one to miss. 

The lanterns are only on at Edinburgh Zoo for 50 nights and will end on 25th February - so if you fancy going and checking them out (because why wouldn't you?!), get booking on their website now!

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