My 2018 More-Processes-Than-Goals

I've been juggling with the idea of setting new years resolutions, writing down concise goals to be able to tick-off throughout the year and make me feel somewhat accomplished when the final one gets a big fat tick in the box - or more realistically, a messy squiggle over the words.
But what would I even put?
Be a nicer person? Volunteer more? Be more environmentally conscious?
The goals that I want to achieve can't be checked off in boxes, as they're processes than I can only build upon over time.

Balance my time more effectively and selfishly - because that's allowed.
Last year, I found myself balancing my time around other people, and forgetting about myself. I forgot how to say no to something without feeling guilty, and I forgot to dedicate some time to myself during the week which didn't lead to me traipsing out because I felt lazy, and yet again guilty, for not doing anything. Really, it's completely healthy to say no and to do nothing every once in a while. So, one day a week, in my diary, is going to get a complete cross through it and be 'my' day to do whatever I desire with it. 

No longer giving my head space to people that don't like me, have gained a problem with me, or wouldn't go out of their way to help me.
I've always had this issue where I've not coped very well with people not liking me. I am very aware that not everybody can like everybody - but having to be in the presence of a person that I've heard has spoken negatively about me affects my mood something chronic, and makes me want to try and prove myself to them and figure out ways for them to change their minds. But when I actually think about it - would I ever really want that person in my life, when I have an amazing group of friends already that would drop anything for me if I ever needed them to? No, I wouldn't. The only time I have spare is for those important to me.

Spend more time away from my phone, and prioritise phone calls. 
Over the course of the last month or two, I have spent so much time away from my phone, and it's so refreshing. I've been extra, annoyingly, horrendous at replying to texts - but I've hit the point where, really, I don't actually care. I've resorted back to being 7 years old and waiting for phone calls to ask if I want to go out and play - I've lost all patience with texting. Of course, that doesn't mean I'm anti-text, it's convenient, and it's not as if I can whip out my phone for a 45 minute catch-up phone call with a bestie at work - but I'm 50 times more likely to dart over to my phone when I hear it ring than I am the familiar 'ding!' of a text. And because of this, I'm not constantly picking it up or around it, because what could be THAT important that you'd text instead of ring about, you know?

Take better care of myself.
I find that when my mental health starts to deteriorate, so does my self-care. Showering, brushing my hair, brushing my teeth, getting dressed, and tidying up, becomes an extreme chore within my head that I feel as if I could definitely do without - when, the truth is, I always feel just a smidge better when I take the time to get ready and feel that little bit more human. I need to make a much more conscious effort to ensure I at least try when things go down the shitter.

Make more environmentally conscious decisions and work on more.
I finally got off my high horse last year and became a vegetarian after realising that 'but I really like chicken' was a god damn awful excuse, and just plain narcissism. I really like mushrooms, bourbon biscuits, garlic bread and jelly tots - the big difference is, not one of those things harms an animal nor makes me feel a hint of guilt when I consume them. Realising that there is actually absolutely no need to consume meat of any form, took a weight off my shoulders that only experiencing it yourself can explain. Alongside this, I have opted to consume oat milk over cow's milk and ensure I buy dairy-free anywhere possible - the final decision to be 100% vegan is still far off due to personal health circumstances, but is one day what I aim to achieve.
Alongside eating more plant-based, I also religiously stick by cruelty-free products, recycle wherever I can and whenever possible, and have reduce my plastic usage immensely - no more straws or plastic bottles, thank YOU. I aim to keep this up to the max, and find as many other ways to preserve our world (mostly the oceans) as I possibly can.

Stay true to myself.
I fell off my own wagon last year, so many times. I started to find myself acting and behaving the way I believed that people wanted me to, rather than behave as the person that I actually am. I was always slightly on my toes and kept the part of me that randomly skips in supermarkets, finds the nearest stage to dance on and accepts that I spill pretty much every drink that I hold, to one side. It wasn't as if I was trying to be somebody that I'm not - I was just portraying myself as what I believed was somewhat of an 'upgraded' version. Truth is, I'm a pretty decent person. I may binky in public and turn the last word of your sentences into an apt song, but that's exactly the person I am, and I'm going to embrace that to the fullest of the full.

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